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This page provides a brief overview of the on site service that we offer in and around Glasgow.

Frustated? Frustrated? Do you feel you could do more if only you knew how and what?  Are there things you would like to try but don't know where to start?  Call us to see how IT can be used more effectively in your life.
Puzzled? Need Help? Do you know what you want to do but don't know how to set about it?  Do you feel your machine is just like the video recorder; only the kids can use it?  We come to you with one to one training to help you do what you want to do:
  • to be more effective.
  • to stay ahead of the kids.
We can help you to get started or show how to go from here.  Call us to see how we can help you go forward.
Surf? Need telephone or broadband? Do you want to get connected but it seems a daunting prospect? We can supply telephone PSTN or Void and Broadband (Adsl or Fibre). Call us to find out what you need, and how little it can cost to get online.
Web Site? Need Web Site? Email? Cloud? We can set you up.  We register your domain name and provide web pages to illustrate your product or service and supply email addresses to match, for a competitive fee. With the web site comes a corresponding email address. Email can be redirected to your existing account of hosted on our servers. The web pages use your existing promotional material and advertising copy, to et you up and running quickly. It is your presence, and your image, so we work with you to make sure the web site projects the impression you want to create.  We can also provide audio and video content if required.
Repair? Need a repair, upgrade or new machine? We can diagnose and resolve your problems.  Whether you want to have your machine repaired or upgraded we are here to help.  We supply well-known components from reputable suppliers at the best prices. We confirm every order with you.  Each price is checked on line to obtain the best price.  Repairs and upgrades are normally carried out on-site unless:
  • you would rather we did it while you are busy elsewhere,
  • it is the rare occasion when we need take it away to do the repair or upgrade.
In either case no charge is made for collection or delivery. We are also happy to fit components supplied by you at our standard rates.
Rate? Our Rates? Most common components are fitted for a fixed price — call us for a quote. Emergency call outs are charged at our usual rate for the first half-hour and then at the standard rate thereafter.  A discount is available to domestic and registered customers. Give us a call for our rates. A 10% surcharge is applied to cover our overheads on components we supply but we are happy to fit any components bought by you at our normal rates. Telephone support is available at standard rates for registered customers who have someone available to follow instructions given over the phone.  We also offer remote support by broadband or dial up connection and maintenance contracts.

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